About Us:

Studio Tolvanen is the product design office of Mika & Julie Tolvanen.  Mika is a Finnish designer who started his own practice after graduating from Royal College of Art in 2001.  Julie is an American designer who worked 10 years as a woodworker before moving to Finland in 2009 to get a masters in furniture design.  Mika and Julie founded Studio Tolvanen in 2015.  They design products for residential and contract use from their studio and workshop on Lauttasaari island in Helsinki.   

Studio Tolvanen was part of the Furnishing Utopia project that received the award Furniture of the Year 2018 from Årets Rum magazine and was shortlisted for Dezeen’s Homeware Design of the Year, 2018.  Mika was named Finnish Furniture Designer of the Year 2017, and in 2012 he received the Bruno Mathsson Prize for his work.  His Big Hug Chair was the winner of Isku's competition 'Finland 100' in celebration of Finland's 100 Year anniversary in 2017.  Julie received a Good Design Award from Chicago Athenaeum for her Julie chair, which was also included in the 2015 collection of 12 Best Interior Products by the Association of Interior Design Editors of Finland.

About Design:

“We do not have a dogma or ism.  We believe good design starts from function (because products are for use), but at the same time any new product we design should have its own individual character. An object might be complex in its variety of functions, but it shouldn't be complicated looking. We aim to make our designs fresh and beautiful, but also self-explanatory, understandable, and quiet (never shouting). That's the challenge we give ourselves.”

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Studio Tolvanen. Designers in Furnishing Utopia Project that received Furniture of the Year 2018, Årets Rum magazine

Mika Tolvanen.  Finnish Furniture Designer of the Year 2017, Finnish Association of Interior Architects - SIO

Mika Tolvanen.  1st Prize - Finland 100 Year Anniversary Competition, 'Big Hug Chair' for Isku  (2017)

Julie Tolvanen.  Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum, Julie Chair for Inno  (2015)

Julie Tolvanen.  12 Best Interior Design Products Julie Chair, Association of Interior Design Editors of Finland  (2015)

Mika Tolvanen.  Bruno Mathsson Prize  (2012)





Studio Tolvanen

Särkiniementie 5B 17

00210 Helsinki Finland


Mika Tolvanen 



Julie Tolvanen